I am not a very proficient Do It Yourself person, but recently I was asked by my wife to sort out the Shower Screen Seal in our bathroom. I have never paid much attention to shower screen seals in our house and I didn’t know whether this was going to be one of those 2 hour jobs or a simple 10 minute thing to do, and I also didn’t know whether it was going to be easy to find a replacement.


So I started to have a look and saw that the first stage was relatively easy. I could simply move the shower screen away from the bath, and peel off the shower screen seal from the bottom of the screen. So with the perished seal in hand, I turned to Google to search online for where I might find a replacement.


I happened to be planning a visit to the nearby DIY shop, Homebase, and I had with me the seal that I had taken off, so I started to look at whether I could pick up a replacement shower door seal so that I could get the job completed the same day. Unfortunately they only had a limited range of shapes and sizes, and they didn’t have the exact one I was looking for.


So I returned home and the next step was to look online. I typed shower screen seal into the search box and up came several sites that displayed the types of seals that I was looking for. I settled on a UK based website called ShowerSealUK.com which looked simple to use and the prices looked good with free UK delivery too.


What I didn’t realise was the wide range of shower screen seals that were available. The one I was looking for was relatively simple in shape, but there were some very interesting looking ones online. What the site explained was that I needed to measure the width of the glass in the door first, then the gap between the bottom of the shower door and the bath, and finally the length required. So I did this and looked at the shapes of the seals available. It didn’t take long to find the correct shape in the correct measurements, and I went ahead and ordered it. Mine door was 5mm thick, the gap was about 10mm and the length I needed was 800mm (just under 1 metre).


When it arrives, I will write another article on fitting the replacement shower door seal. Watch this space!